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AMZER® Dual Sketch and Styli Pen™ - pack of 3

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AMZER® Dual Sketch and Styli Pen™ - pack of 3

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Amzer Dual Sketch and StyliPen Black makes it super easy to text, type, scroll, draw and sketch. The sturdy rubber tip works great with capacitive and resistive touch screens delivering precise control in an effortless motion. Eliminates pesky fingerprints and smudges on your touch screen and is a great option for using while wearing gloves. Sphere point pen with internal black ink reservoir is perfect for sketching, scribbling and writing. Features a lapel clip for convenient placement and transport. Perfect for the student or the professional on the move!



  • Modern and sleek design with a compact form factor.
  • Gives you a precise touch and total control.
  • This Stylus is the perfect solution which lets you type and tap in an easy manner.
  • Compatible with capacitive touch screens devices.
  • Typing on a software keyboard (especially at first) is much easier with a stylus.
  • Dual Sketch and Stylus Pen.


  • Product Type: Sketch and Stylus Pen.
  • Stylus Size: 5.5 Inch.
  • Manufacturer: AMZER.
  • Part No.: AMZ94861.
  • Color: Black.
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